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Merging Modon - Maybe the secret for magnetic mopole field creation?

Notice the third vortice created as also shown on the ferrocell for opposite repulsing magnetic fields.

Notice also here the initial two vortices have the same spin direction not counter spin therefore initially repulsing but due the general circular movement of the water in the area are forced to merge resulting in a single vortex.

In my opinion the third black hole we see in a ferrocell when repulsing same polarity magnetic poles are approached, is a magnetic monopolar field.

Also maybe if someone can squeeze enough the Bloch domain wall (separation void between polar fields) the poles of a magnet will merge to one monopolar field.

But I don't know how much energy will be needed to achieve this.

Figure. Same polarity polar fields collide resulting to repulsion. A third pole is formed in the midpoint as shown in the ferrolens.

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