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Are magnetic fields modons?

A striking resemblance of the quantum field of the magnet shown by the ferrolens fig.1 with Modons [1] fig.2 (i.e. counter rotating joined side by side vortexes or whirlpools). A strong indication of the joined counter spin double vortex nature of dipole magnetism and that field of dipole magnet consists of two distinct (monopole) joined vortex fields (poles of magnet).

Fig.1 Quantum field of magnet as shown with the ferrolens.

Fig.2 Modons. Two distinct vortices whirlpools joined together at the middle. Striking resamblance with quantum field of magnet as shown in fig.1 previously.[1]

Video Demonstration of Modons:

Fig.3 Modons can transfer matter as magnetism does. The only fundamental difference in the geometry of Modons and quantum dipole magnetic field vortices is that Modons are joined side by side on the same plane whereas dipole magnetic vortices are joined through a common axis of rotation on their center as shown above.

Fig.4 A modon on a pool. Some food coloring is used to make visible the vortices (poles) joint (domain wall).

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