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Waiting developments in Idlib

With the connivance of England and France israel invaded Egypt in 1956. The French and English rush in to act as peacemakers. The English were quite upset that Nasser nationalized the Suez canal. They needed a causus beli to get a war started. The EXACT thing that England and France did in the case of Poland when they wanted to invade Germany.
The invasion was a disaster because Eisenhower blocked IMF loans that England needed to continue the war.
This marked the end of England as a world power. Their economy collapsed and the pound sterling fell from grace as the reserve currency.

Pox Americana is adamant that it will attack Syria if any gas is used. The gas has been supplied to the provocateurs and 44 children future victims have been lined up. There are 70,000 rebel fighters and nearly 3 million civilians in the area.
At the same time, Russia is holding a huge exercise starting today, Saturday. "25 ships, 30 jets: Russia to hold war games off Syria as Idlib tensions rise "
"Syrian opposition fighters blew up bridges Friday and dug trenches around their bases to impede an anticipated ground offensive on their last major stronghold in the country.
The looming battle for Idlib in northwestern Syria may be the last in the bloody seven years of conflict, which have backed hundreds of thousands of civilians into this deadly corner of the country with nowhere to run. "

"Russia says militants in Syria's Idlib province need liquidating."
"The U.S sees this as an escalation of an already dangerous conflict," Pompeo said in a post on Twitter in which he also blasted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for "defending (the) Syrian and Russian assault."

Syria, Iran, China and Russia Are united to oppose pox Americana. Iran and Russia know that they are next in line to be destroyed. Will pox Americana back off. Will Netanyahooo prevail? The next few days should tell.
This is all part of the decades long desire of the West to dominate Eurasia. Conceived long before the Wolfowitz Doctrine. America is absolutely dead broke. There is little possibility that it can prosecute any kind of war for control of Eurasia. This dream has slowly been dismembered by the East. Netanayahoo is adamant that we attack and destroy Iran. That would mean total obliteration for israel.
It would also bring absolute economic destruction for most of the West.
Eurasia is just too aware and, too powerful for the West to roll over. Here is a very good paper with an overview of the whole situation.

The next few days in Syria / Idlib will set the course for much of the future of the world.
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