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Originally Posted by Selfsimilarity View Post
Cool! Looking forward to the video
So if we assume the magnetic field is understood incorrectly, missing the intermediate pressure mediation, do you think, for electric field, it looks the same? Because as you see in my slide, electric field and magnetic field have the same geometry with iron filings. As they are a conjugate, I would assume the electric field would require the same field geometry as the magnetic field seen through ferrocell.
Is the geometry seen through CRT attributed to electron and not magnetism? Therefore misunderstood?

Is there anyway to see the full electric field symmetry aswell? Timm was suggesting to use YAG particles to visualize the electric in a ferrocell. I wonder what the field symmetry would look like.

Do you agree on the point-symmetry? The electromagnetic pulse? As I understand in the toroidal symmetry? Do you also think this toroidal pulse is the standing wave? Doesnt it make sense to think of standing wave as a pulse oscillation (oscillation between contraction and expansion), not a transverse electromagnetic wave?

Sorry that I have so many questions^^

Exactly. The field depicted by the ferrocell is the correct. Don't kill the messenger.

This alone, electric field vectors matching the magnetic field vectors on static fields when theory says otherwise, is a strong indication that it is BS.

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