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Originally Posted by Selfsimilarity View Post
Hi Markoul,

I almost agree. Im aware that iron filings does not show intermediate pression return in aquatorial axis as shown by ferrocell, crt and viewing film. But you miss a detail, there is a point-inversion visible in repulsive magnet setup seen through ferrocell (in the excact middle between the two repulsive magnets). This is not displayed by viewing film, nor CRT!

For me this hints to not only is sine-wave cosine-wave type EM, there is also point-oscillatory EM, like a pulse, from center out back to center. Nature's standing wave


Wrong when close enough and with the right distance of the two magnets from the screen and powerful magnets this is also displayed in the CRT.

I will show you. I try to remember where i saw the video and post it here.

However remember when a magnet is placed on its side on the crt the poles usually do not appear as a black disk, is not that sensitive as the ferrocell on that matter, the magnet must be fu**ing strong to get the same effect on that position on a crt specially to get the third black dot in the middle.
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