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Originally Posted by Selfsimilarity View Post

Guys, when I compare the image from ferrocell to what we know about electric and magnetic fields, it look like neither of them. Its the point inverse mirror image of electric fields aswell as of magnetic fields. Like "anti"-electromagnetic fields. Could this be right? What you guys think?


Your are a bit confused I believe

Instead this over thinking complicated "anti-electromagnetism" stuff you are referring to !!

Why not just thinking more straight and unhooked from mainstream indoctrination and acknowledging the fact that there is something wrong with macroscopic ferromagnetic sensors (including iron filings method) for magnetic field imaging and measurements applications?

There is actually a very good video made by Ufopolitics about this specific topic:

You can access the important part from this time tag here

He compares the attraction and repulsion patterns from all four methods, iron filings, magnetic viewer film, ferrocell and CRT and TURNS OUT ALL DISPLAYING ALTHOUGH DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES THE SAME PATERNS EXCEPT THE FU**ING IRON FILINGS SENSORS.

Makes you wonder if there is something wrong with the classic iron filing fig(a) field image

... this goes also for the false dipolar interactions patterns shown by the iron filings on your poster above. Here is the CRT showing the same patterns for attraction and repulsion as with the ferrocell...seems to me that old grandpa iron filings is put in the corner... hahahahahaha!

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