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What is happening to the actual poles of magnets when attracting or repelling

Here is a video demonstration of how the poles (shown as black holes in the ferrocell) of the magnet dynamically and in real-time react on attract or repel mode which can NOT be shown by any other method (i.e. iron filings or modern magnetometer) :

Showing clearly that poles of magnet expand in size when attracting and contracting (closing up) when repelling.

No other method or device (except the magnetic viewer film) can show the geometrical shape and size of the pole itself and display dynamic information. All other methods show and measure only the sourounding flux and not the actual poles of the magnet.

Therefore the ferrocell shows the complete field of the magnet including the poles. It is logical that poles expand in size when attracting trying to encompass the other pole and join whereas when repelling the poles are contracting and closing resisting the flux intake and joining.

Even the third pole formed between the two repelling poles shown in Selfsimilarity's poster above can be explained by vortex dynamics.

Everything suggests the vortex nature of magnetism. Period.

There is nothing static in nature. Static magnetic field is only a static imprint of a dynamic and probably also superluminal process.

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