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Originally Posted by aminnovations View Post

I am very happy to be attending the 2018 conference! I have wanted to attend for many years but there have always been other responsibilities calling on my time. Finally I am able to come and looking forward to meeting everyone, all the discussions, and presentations.

I have also at last started to write-up some of my own work in a blog website. It is just the beginning, and a lot of material and experiments yet to be added, but it is work in progress, and good to finally be sharing my own work.

For those interested the link is:
AMInnovations | Research into the displacement and transference of electric power



I am slowly digesting your excellent work on the characteristics of the flat coil. You are to be commended on the thoroughness and rigour with which you have conducted your experiments and the level of detail and clarity with which you have documented them.

(One quibble: Your photographs of the HP VNA screen occasionally demonstrate camera shake, and are off-axis, indicating that an inexpensive tripod might be worth adding to your laboratory equipment. See also: and )

The cleanliness and elegance of your set-up is also superb. I have visited engineering laboratories at multi-billion dollar corporations which were less well kept than yours!

Your illustrations of the manner in which the primary and secondary coils simply will not resonate at identical frequencies is fascinating, and a phenomena which has not been well discussed in the material posted to this forum so far.

Some questions:

On this page: Flat Coil Impedance - Part 2 : VNA measurements | AMInnovations

You state that:
"It is also conjectured that the initiation of a displacement event requires a non-linear trigger within the system being tested whether that originates from the generator, the coils, or is stimulated as a response (pulled by) the load."

The phrase "non-linear trigger" seems to imply a transient voltage fluctuation (e.g as produced by a spark gap). Can you clarify whether this is what you intended to say?

Additionally, you speak repeatedly of a "displacement event", but have not (yet) explained what this might mean in practice.

It seems logical to assume that such a "displacement event" has previously been demonstrated in an Eric Dollard video.

One helpful way to illustrate your meaning might be to provide a link to a YouTube video showing this event. In the event you are not familiar with YouTube's interface, it is surprisingly easy to cite particular points in time for a given video.

By way of example, if I was interested in showing the part of the "Tesla's Longitudinal Dielectricity" video where Eric shows the effect on foil strips, 21:18 into the video, I would proceed as follows:

1) Navigate to the point in the video where this occurs

2) Click the "SHARE" text under the video, located to the right of the Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

3) Check the box next to the text "Start at 21:18" (or any other desired time)

4) Copy-and-paste the generated video link:

(The "Embed Video" option provides similar functionality for pre-determining a start-at point)
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