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The battle for Idlib

Idlib province is the last holdout of the terrorists in Syria. There is a Russian armada off the Syrian coast. There is an American armada off the Syrian coast. The big battle approaches.
Russia Deploys Fleet of Warships to Syrian Coast
Apparently, there is a chemical attack planned that can be blamed on Syria.
Mattis Hypes up 'Looming' Chem Attack in Syria
Syrian Documents Reveal Chem False FlagAttack Coming

Russian military say White Helmets hand toxicants to Ahrar al-Sham grouping

Planned chemical weapon provocation in Idlib aimed to prevent removal of terrorists Lavrov

US Rejects Russia's Data on Chemical Weapons Provocations Being Prepared in Syria - Lavrov
Syria presents UN with data proving plans for terrorist chemical weapons attack in Idlib

Russia Doing Its utmost to Thwart False Flag 'Chemical Attack' in Syria, Says Diplomat

New Iran-Syria Defense Agreement Signed
Macron - France Ready For New Strikes On Syria

So, how much longer will this remain a proxy war?
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