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First, great image presentation above! i LOVE IT!

Your observation is correct and known for many long time now.

This difference is due the false classical model of dipoe magnetic field geometry established in science observed by the macroscopic view of magnetic fields using ferromagnetic sensors and measuring devices.

Since Electric fields and Magnetic fields force vectors presented as fact by mainstream science have as said a 90 polarization angle differential, it would be a perfectly logical conclusion to expect this difference to appear also in their dipole interaction flux patterns.

The quantum magneto optic device ferrocell makes this possible showing us the actual so called Quantim Field of the Magnet.

It is natural when the oposite poles (N-S) of two magnets coming close, the flux lines of one magnet to try to run in parallel with the flux lines of the other. The field lines of one magnet try to encopass the lines of the other and eventually the two poles will join to form the dielectric or else Bloch domain wall field in the middle. This is directly a result of the vortex-torus geometry of the polar fields of a magnet as shown by the ferrocell.

The same behaviour is aslo shown and demonstrated on two merging opposite counter rotational water swirls:

If they are brought close enough the two swirls or whirlpools will merge to one.

This video bellow accidently demonstrates at best opposite poles dipole magnetic interaction (magnetic attraction bond):

and this one here:

merging whirlpools (i.e. a dipole magnet):

When now the two whirlpools are spinning at the same direction the wave fronts (flux lines) are hitting each other resulting to repulsion.

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