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Ron Paul is always a clear voice.
"In the past seven years, Turkey’s central bank has tripled the money supply " "Turkish politicians have taken advantage of easy money policies to increase subsidies for key voting blocs and special interests."
"Turkey’s combination of low interest rates, money creation, and massive government spending to “stimulate” the economy parallels the policies the US government has pursued for the past ten years. "
"Instead of cutting spending or raising taxes, politicians can be expected to pressure the Federal Reserve to do their dirty work for them via inflation. "

"If we are lucky, the next Fed-caused downturn will cause only a resurgence of 1970s-style stagflation. The more likely scenario is the type of widespread economic chaos not seen in America since the Great Depression. The growth of cultural Marxism, the widespread entitlement mentality, and the willingness of partisans of various sides to use force against their political opponents suggests that this economic crisis will result in civil unrest that will be used to justify new crackdowns on individual liberty."
"First, prepare a plan to protect your family when the crisis occurs. Second, do all you can to spread the truth in hopes the liberty movement reaches critical mass so it can force Congress to make the changes necessary to avert disaster."
That ship has already sailed.
The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Turkey Now, America Later?

"Meanwhile, South Korea is pursuing good relations with the North regardless of US backtracking. Washington is reportedly considering sanctions on its South Korean ally if Seoul continues on a peace path with Pyongyang. "
The wars must go on no matter what.
"The neocons are not going to give up on their obsession with "regime change" in Syria. Over the weekend National Security Advisor John Bolton all but called for another "chemical attack" in Syria to justify what he promise would be a massive US strike on Damascus."
Striking Damascus is about the worst thing imaginable.

8/28 American companies are raising prices at a brisk pace – Bloomberg So, we stop spending.
The Yuan is gradually being brought in as a reserve currency.
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