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SWIFT alternatives,,,

BOE president, "Mark Carney’s saying “New World Order”, “New Financial System”, “Now Is The Time”, and “Great Change”. Let’s connect the dots…"
Well, they haven't just been sitting around. Keep in mind that SWIFT is based in Brussels. The broad hints from Germany and Britain claim that America controls SWIFT to the detriment of Europe. I expect that the feds use SWIFT to punish Germany for Nordstream. The Europeans are presently creating an alternative to SWIFT to escape control.

Add to this, the Russian system, MIR. The Chinese have their own system. ALL of these systems route $trillions away from passing through New York banks. I expect that the N.Y. banks will eventually go up in a cloud of smoke.
It's not just the NYC banks.
8/28 No-deal Brexit thrusts UK into ‘legal vacuum’, warns Keir Starmer – Guardian
The London banks want unrestricted access to European markets.

The instigator of all the Russian sanctions is an Israeli born woman. The sanctions are all part of the pipeline wars. BUT
8/28 EU looking to sidestep U.S. sanctions with payment system plan – GATA
8/28 Gal Luft: The anti-dollar awakening could be ruder and sooner than most think – GATA

8/28 Italy vows to veto EU budget over migrant clash – Zero Hedge
NOPE, they want unlimited bond purchases from the ECB. They don't want the music to ever stop.
8/28 Affordability of starter homes hits a decade low – MSN Priced out by hot-money flows.
8/27 ‘Boogeyman in housing market’ makes it tougher for Americans to own homes – BI
That boogeyman (pl) would be Greenspan, Bernanke, & Yellen

Obviously, politicians can not be trusted. I've made the claim that bonds will eventually be backed with gold and, migrate to the blockchain. There is a bit of a start in that direction.
Thejuicemedia has some great vids. here is "trickle down economics".
8/28 Most young Americans are living on the edge financially – MarketWatch
8/28 Landscapers “reeling” from labor shortage – Zero Hedge

Apparently, millennials don't want to be landscapers.
Jim Willie has some articles. Dunno about aliens.
Israel apparently holds final veto power on American ambassadorial appointments.
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