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Mixed vids

Sadiq Khan, a failed experiment,
Fantastic cover of Vincent,
The PRI party in Mexico used the national oil company (PEMEX) as a piggy bank to buy votes. It is too broke to explore for oil. The new president says that he is going to turn all of that around, Spanish.

Zimbabwe kicked out the white farmers. Now, they are hungry. They also admit that there was a brain-drain when the whites left,
Katie Hopkins talks about the destruction of Britain,
Rowan Atkinson on free speech,
The Grand Upheaval,

Great Arctic expedition,
Cure for stupidity,
Sledding down a volcano,
Moving 16 inch guns,
LAPD helicopter circling a UFO,

Jeremiah Johnson and skinning a grizly,
The Solar System,
Another arctic convoy,
Vigilante hunting in NYC,
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