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Turion thank you for your kind reply I know life gets in the way .same with me the family is most important .thats why we try with these projects to make there life's a little better .I was just trying to get an up date and I did .so something came up that I thought you might be able to use its called vsg as a inline energy module for there's systems .it's based on work done at CERN's . They saw the effect but never published the findings until one of the scientists broke out about it . what up is there seems to be a way to generate free energy though pulsing different elements with positive electricity .it's the isotopes in carbon that flip to boron and back to carbon and release cold energy one recearcher showed 1000% gains .but there must be a magnetic field around it to guide the energy out of carbon and into the wires .this works good for testing because you can pluse charge a cap with and with out the field and see the difference .then replace with soild magnets may be at the heart of over unity devices that use a spark gap and elevated voltages once over 100 volts it starts to get interesting .many elements do this .it's not the element but a isotope of the element .and I think there may be some thing like this in copper .to.Bedini and Newman used and knew the more copper the more over unity .is it the isotopes ? It's been called a radiant energy pump .this flipping from one element to another and back the good news the isotopes don't get used up .there for ever .thinks Jim . PS this may be a whole new area of study in energy .just when I thought I saw it all.
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