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The purpose of Matt's rewound motor was to return as much of the input power back to the 3rd battery in the 3 battery system AS POSSIBLE. With THAT motor, a
rotor with some magnets on it, a couple generator coils, boost modules, and the proper circuit, you can put together a system that demonstrates COP>2. How MUCH over 2 depends on your build. How many people have built something THAT efficient? How many people have even SEEN something that efficient?

The whole idea was to focus people in the right direction and get them to understand that running between the potentials IS the answer to free energy WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING and can apply the principles. But you have to WALK before you can RUN. The little system is BABY STEPS to learn the principles. Matt would be the first to tell you, and has, that the motor runs HOT, and in its present form it is NOT the final solution. I intend to pour a ferrite core for one, and even have the mold, but it is boxed up as we are in the process of moving.

With a small system like I just described, you need EVERY edge you can get to achieve the goal, so THAT motor is essential. There is NO WAY around that. At the time we were disclosing all that information, I was working on a delayed lenz, magnetically neutral generator as the FINAL piece to the puzzle. But I wasn't SHARING that yet, so the ONLY way (for people on the forum) to get the desired end result was with Matt's modified motor. PERIOD!

My early versions of the generator I ran with Matt's modified motor. I built MANY versions of the generator, all the way up to 12 coils instead of the two we started with. When the generator was BIG ENOUGH to produce enough power to overcome the losses in the system I no longer NEEDED the modified motor to reach my goal. Presently, I can run the generator with a modified or stock MY1016 or a modified or stock MY1020. Matt's motor is ALWAYS more efficient running the system, but cannot run it for too long because of the heat issue. The stock motor doesn't return power to the system like Matt's motor does, but because the generator produces so MUCH power, those little bits are not THAT critical anymore.

I have disclosed everything about how to build that generator. EVERYTHING. You can turn it with the MY1020 on 24 volts at LESS than 12 amps. It will output about 1500 to 1800 watts. My LARGER generator requires a bit more input, but the output is over 2000 watts.

Building a BIG generator is COSTLY. Most people just WON'T do it. So if they are going to build a SMALL ONE and NOT use Matt's motor, they will fail to achieve the goal. It is that simple.

Everyone is always asking me why, if this system is so great, I haven't looped it and gotten a self runner. The answer is simple. I have worked hundreds of hours on this to make it more and more and more efficient. I figured when it was efficient ENOUGH, it would be CAKE to get it to self run. Maybe it can self run now. The numbers indicate it should. I just haven't tried, and it will be a while before I have time to work on it again. Too many OTHER things on my plate. Really GOOD things, but they are taking up all my time. My grandson's birthday was seven days ago, and I missed it because I was just too busy with the two houses I am dealing with. Do you think a stupid generator is MORE important to me than my grandson?
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