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Coca & Roundup,,,Saudi Arabia,,, Skills gap

Colombia Is Testing Drones to Drop Herbicide on Crops Used for Cocaine
"Under newly elected President IvŠn Duque, Colombia is testing remote-controlled drones designed to track and destroy coca, the crop used in cocaine production. The government has reportedly tested ten drones so far. The drones carry payloads of glyphosate,"

Colombia never seems to be able to eradicate the coca. That is because it is all run by the CIA. The State dept brings herbicide to the airport at the coastal "city" of Tumaco in unmarked grey planes. One inch letters under the pilot's window tell you who the plane belongs to. The drums are unloaded and stacked off to the side. I've been there and seen all this myself.
So, the local "Arcos" must petition the CIA to avoid spraying. They must pay up and, pay a LOT. Anybody who refuses to pay gets their crop sprayed. There is also a military base in Tumaco and Iíve spoken to them. They aren't very effective because they get blocked by the big money interests. I'm guessing that the Colombian GOV wants to take coca spraying out of the hands of the CIA.

Saudi Arabia was in the process of selling a 10% stake in their national oil company. Nobody was much impressed with the IPO and, it has melted away into the desert sands.

The Central Banks have rescued the upper loop of the economy. The lower loop is supposed to get by on trickle-down. It just isn't trickling fast enough and, the defaults are picking up/

Each successive Industrial Revolution reduces the need for human labor. At what point does this become a recognised problem?

8/23 Standards go out the window as employers struggle to fill jobs Ė SafeHaven
10,000 Baby Boomers Reach Retirement Every Day
Boomers Are Retiring Rapidly: Are Successors Prepared? - Forbes

"The majority of baby boomers support their adult children
According to a survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education, 59% of baby boomers who are parents are financially supporting their children ages 18-39.
45% of baby boomers report having no retirement savings whatsoever."
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