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Wink Explanation of Parametric Oscillations in Eric Dollardís LMD Analog Computer.

The synthesis of electrical energy is made more likely using Eric Dollard's analog computer in LMD mode: Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric. This video attempts to explain the mechanics of how this subcircuit can parametrically amplify power -- mostly resulting in voltage dominating over current. This is achieved through the use of a pair of caps and a pair of coils with impedance matching.

Or, to put it more thoroughly...
Infinity and Maya blend in electricity. We don't know it yet for our collective awareness is largely unconsciously avoiding knowledge and recognition of the gap between the Absolute and the Relative which I know to be Dharma, itself. This gap has a bidirectional interplay in which the Absolute is forever tugging on the Relative to transcend while the Relative is constantly tugging on the Absolute to manifest itself.

Eric Dollard quantifies this dual nature of Dharma by calling it the synthesis versus the decomposition of electrical energy. But mechanical energy can just as easily undergo parametric excitation since electrodynamics, at a fundamental level, is largely mechanical in nature.

The concern, among traditionalists, that energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed have never transcended. For if they have, and become more familiar with it, their minds would accept the notion that Maya is a game in which the goal to satisfy the senses and material mentality is to deny God, deny Infinity, and relegate everything to finite quantities which can be countable. Yet, cardinal number sets in Mathematics, allows for the countability of Infinity and designates the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph, as the symbol for each unique identity of infinite caliber. This is the game of Maya: to make countable the non-measurable Infinite.

It is this interface between Maya and the Absolute which electricity partakes of making the synthesis and decomposition of energy possible since 'free energy' does not go anywhere nor does it come from anywhere else. It comes from energy already in existence. It comes from itself and returns to itself.

This is how energy manifests and transcends. The scientists don't know this yet (some do) since corporate and consumer materialism rules our collective consciousness along with all of the limitations which are automatic to materialism, such as: limitations.

Karma is a limitation. And Charlie Lutes would always equate - for all practical purposes - karma with consciousness. So, it's not everyone's karma to grapple with the exclusion within the Conservation of Energy (within the human endeavor of physics) put forward by Emmy Noether which both defines Conservation of Energy using time as an absolute (non-varying) reference frame, yet also allows for the exemption of energy from this law when time is not steady.

Vimeo Video...
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