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War debt,,, gold

The U.S. debt is about equal to the missing money from the Pentagon,,, $21 trillion. Jack Ma (alibaba) said that America was in huge debt because of all the wars. It's hard to argue with that and now, Netanayahooo is trying to get us in another war over gas pipelines.
Immigration, Globalization, Political Correctness: The Jewish Elites Attack On The Western World: The Two Jewish-led Globalist Camps... In Competition For Global Control
At the same time, we are told that America is broke because of all the generous promises made by politicians.

8/21 Russia adds another 25 tons of gold to reserves in July – Smaulgld
8/21 As Iran turns to Bitcoin, maybe it’s time to build another Stuxnet – The Hill
Yeah, that would be real smart. When it gets out in the wild, nothing would be safe.

"The Large Speculator (hedge funds, managed money, trading funds) NET position is now SHORT 3,688 contracts. This is the first reported NET short position for this group since December of 2001.
The Large Speculator GROSS short position is 215,467 contracts. This is a new ALLTIME high."
"hus, with a GROSS position of 215,467 contracts, the Large Speculator category is short 21,546,700 ounces or about 670 metric tonnes."
"The Commercial Banks have positioned themselves to profit handsomely from any combination of a lower dollar, higher gold prices, lower interest rates and/or a crashing stock market."

Too many people, especially Germans, have this stupid belief that the quantity of money controls the markets. Merkel is deathly afraid of hyperinflation. She demands austerity. She destroyed Greece. Now, she intends to destroy Italy with austerity.
"The Great Depression was not reversed until they stopped Austerity which only benefits the bondholders – not the people. To sell their debt, they presume they need austerity so bondholders get back the fair value of what they lent. That has never happened anyway."
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