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What are you doing in 2020?

"The turning point, according to the computer model, which was verified at the time by Australia's largest computer, is the year 2020. "At around 2020, the condition of the planet becomes highly critical," ABC said. After that, a precipitous drop in quality of life is predicted."

"We were on a gold standard at the time, so he (FDR) had to confiscate gold to devalue the dollar. We’re not on a gold standard today, so they’re not going to go around confiscating gold and knocking on people’s doors."
"So, it’s a question of confidence and only when you start seeing the governments crack, when you start seeing Europe crack, etc., then you’re going to see the rise in gold,"
"What it appears to be is the destruction of the West’s economy. This seems to be connected largely to the collapse of socialism and government promises. It even appears that many governments are deliberately trying to instigate a war that they can use as an excuse to suspend debt payments which would allow them to deny their fiscal mismanagement for decades."
"The computer has been projecting the collapse in sovereign debt on a global scale. "

"everything we've seen since October is more or less a crash and burn in the confidence in government. If you go back 8.6 years from that, it takes you right to the day with the peak in the Shiller real estate index...1989 was the peak in Japan, 1981 was the peak in interest rates at 17% and so each business cycle happens to be something else. I would say humanity simply wants to speculate or concentrate and whatever happens to be the fad for that particular time is where they go...and this last one is government. So we are in a crash and burn basically into 2020.”
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