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2018 update:

Glom obtained for a new RF generator and complete rig.

An old mass spec has been gutted leaving the frame, RF housing and compartments which have been cleaned or repainted as appropriate.

My (old) parallel 807 tube RF generator has been mounted onto the MS frame which will be used to power the next (high power) RF generator stage.
This high power RF gen consists of a +2KVA transformer that produces 4kV at 750mA. Once rectified and filtered by large capacitors and choke gives a plate DC voltage of almost 6kV. The RF tube supplied is a 3CX1500D3 with the appropriate socket, housing, chimney, and large blower fan. – This has been restored and is operational.

The old MS plasma circuit used a Colpitts Oscillator with this tube, but I am attempting to change the circuit to a “grounded grid” system, driven by the dual 807’s which should produce the 75-100 watts needed to drive the grounded grid stage. (The 807 stage feeds through the grounded grid to provide additional RF power).

The top of the MS frame will hold a top deck which will have the Tesla Coils mounted on the top in various configurations, with the RF power fed in from below, (either low or high power). The whole contraption is on wheels so it can be moved about, transported or just moved out of the way.

“Grounded grid” as the input RF fed into the cathode, generally via the filament heater supply which is kept isolated from “RF ground” via a large bifilar wound RF choke, but the DC circuit is maintained via the centre tap of the Filament transformer (6.3v @ 25amps). – This part is also completed.

The next stage is to complete the input circuit, which requires a pi, L or impedance matching network with (Q4) to provide an impedance match between the 807’s drive and the input of the grounded grid. Then the output circuit from the tube to complete but has already been partly assembled.

Photos later.
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