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Question Synthesis of Electricity from Caps and Coils

In homage to Eric's statement during one of his earlier lectures, either History and Theory of Electricity or Origin of Energy Synthesis - I don't recall, in which he says that mere capacitors and coils can be used to synthesize electricity, and since I'm still endeavoring to get a theoretical handle on the LMD analog computer as an amplifier by simulating - rather than building - the following simulations are provided, below, using two daisy-chained LMDs exhibiting various amounts of resistance (impedance) at their inductive loads of one Henry, each ...

Simulated in Java -- load the text from the attachment posted below, or use this alternate Java Simulator

Simulated in JavaScript

How to Operate a Parametric LMD Satisfying an AC Oriented, EV Motor -- a Vimeo video...

I like this simulation since it uses twelve capacitors in its LMD modules hinting at a parallelism with the Tesla story/myth of a 1931 Pierce-Arrow conversion into an A/C motored EV which had used twelve (radio) tubes may have, instead, been twelve vacuum tube capacitors?
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Last edited by Vinyasi; 08-23-2018 at 05:15 PM. Reason: Reduced impedance by adding a shunt resistor between the inductive loads. Shorting the two pairs of loads to each other also helps.
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