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Diminishing return

The action of the oscillator is very easy to gauge. The basic problem with the 3 battery system is that the voltage closes between the source and receiver batteries, so the power grows steadily weaker.

Let's say we have two 6 volt batteries in series to a third split positive 6 volt battery. Now, after running awhile, we measure the voltage and find 10 volts in the two source batteries and 8 volts in the receiver battery. That leaves a potential difference of only 2 volts. We stared with a potential difference of 6 volts.

This wearing of power strength is very noticeable in the oscillator, but would require torque measurements to factor in to an over all COP.

The 3 battery procedure lengthens run time but only at the expense of steadily decreasing power as the voltages loose their potential difference to each other.