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I did a little back reading of this thread and remembered why I left. So much counterproductive conversation. So, to keep your thinking on point. The pulse motor is not the generator. It is a primary mover and exciter. It excites the dielectric of the BATTERY. The battery then also becomes a transducer. To do this with one battery is no small feat. The timing must be perfect or the load must be cancelled out. It is easier to do it with a “charging battery”. There is a reason JB’s setup was the way it was. He did say many times he has shown us all of it. He had, but one thing. The explanation of what was going on and what the different parts do. All these systems are using the excitation of the dielectric to convert certain field energies into bipolar electricity. This is a simplification, but true to most understanding. Work on that premise. To measure anything other than ALL the components listed by David and Matt and call it the same thing is a complete waste of everyone’s time. This is not electricity 101. It is something different, the graduation from particle mechanics theory into field mechanics. Knowledge is forever expanding. Move with it.