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Still trying to save the un-savable

Armstrong's program predicted an upturn in earthquakes beginning on the 20th. He was off.
The models at Suspicious Observers also predicted it.

Low wages and automation have wiped out earning power and discretionary spending. With global low wages, there is little to be skimmed off for the State and the banks. The price of everything should have fallen until it was commensurate with earning power. The knee-jerk response was to print new money to make up for the money that was not circulating. The lack of circulation was in the lower loop while the infusion of new money went into the upper loop. While they could claim that this is one big grand experiment, it has never worked when tried previously.

"After 10 years of near-constant central bank interventions to prop up markets and make stocks, bonds and real estate rise in price. This is known as the “central bank put”: whenever the markets begin to teeter, the central banks will step in to prop/nudge/cajole the markets back towards the “correct” direction, which is always: Up!"
"The 2008 crisis really spooked them. Hence their massive money printing spree to "rescue" the system.

But instead of admitting that Great Financial Crisis was the logical result of flawed policies implemented after the 2000 Dot-Com crash (which, in turn, was the result of flawed policies pursued in the 1990’s), the central banks decided after 2008 to double down on their bets -- implementing even worse policies."
"It’s not hyperbole to say that the monetary experiment conducted over the past ten years by the world’s leading central banks (and its resulting social and political ramifications) is the largest-ever in human history:"
"The list of central bank-induced injustices is long. It reads like the rap sheet of a virulent psychopath: $trillions looted from savers and handed to the big banks and leveraged speculators, ruined pensions, shattered retirement dreams for millions, record amounts of debt in every corner of the global economy, and an increasingly unaffordable cost of living for everyone but the elite 1%."

"the central banks ramped up their wanton ways in the years since the GFC. Did you know that their largest-ever printing spree happened over the past two years? (2016 to 2017)"
Ah yes,,, losing ground.

"Opening up Italy’s markets and lowering taxpayers’ burdens is the path to sustainable, organic growth, but that is not the purpose of IMF-style austerity. It’s purpose is to do exactly what it is doing, strangling Italy to death and extracting the wealth and spirit out of the local population, c.f. Greece and before that Russia in the 1990’s."

"Italian banks have begun buying Italian sovereign debt in what is known as the Debt Doom Loop —"
"This vicious circle of Country X banks (in this case Italy) buying Country X bonds during times of stress – with the backstop of the ECB – has for years been Europe’s dreaded sovereign bank doom loop. And, as Italy clearly demonstrated, repeated and aggressive attempts by European regulators and policymakers to finally break the doom loop, most recently with the introduction of the 2014 BRRD directive, which sought which sought to remove the need for and possibility of bank bailouts, and instead ushered in bail ins, have been an abject failure."

"Moreover, this weakness has spread to the euro, which has broken down below strong support at $1.15 and is now looking at $1.10 or lower."
Armstrong, "As far as price against the dollar, there is support technically in the 92 area. The very worst support is at 53"

"The renminbi has now declined 8.7% from March 30th trading highs "
" New yuan loans stood at 1.45 trillion yuan, versus a projected 1.275 trillion yuan and 1.84 trillion yuan the previous month. Broad M2 money supply rose 8.5%,"
Could there be a connection?

8/19 US debt so high interest payments are forming a “black hole” – Birch Gold
No problem,,, as long as the FED reports that the CIA money-laundering havens are still buying U.S. bonds.
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