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Originally Posted by Selfsimilarity View Post
Im always here Markhoul
Its just that I didnt know what to add to your posts.
Im working on an update on my webpage, but man,
formulating it in a way everbody can follow is really not such an easy task to achieve. As it is going into the theory of everything, I can start in any corner of history, science, magnetism, electricity, but Im not sure yet, which logic is best applied so everybody will get it.
For some, esotherics is best start, for others particles like electron/photon, for others fields, for others space/time volume.

Its so hard, but I will try it anyways <3
Right. What about for starters, writing the old story about science producing technology which in turn misleads science?

...what I mean by that I have strong indications that the established totay magnetic sensors used for mapping and vissualization of magnetic fields including Hall effect sensors and even squid sensors due their high ferromagnetic anisotropy property are responsible (in addition to the classical iron filings Faraday experiment) for distorting the actual field of an magnet and giving us an interference pattern of the field instead. Which is of course is an artificially induced pattern and fake geometry of the actual field....

Thus only a non ferromagnetic and more isotropic superparamgnetic quantum magneto optic method like the ferrocell can give the actual undisturbed image of the field of a magnet. That what I call, The Quantum Field of Magnet.



What about that he?
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