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Space Force,,,hari kari in Turkey

Twitter's 13 Funniest Responses To Trump's Ridiculous 'Space Force ...
Trump Has Ordered A "Space Force" And The Jokes Are Practically...
Pentagon Had Spurned U.S. Space Force, Prompting Trump's Decree

"data used to prepare the year-*end financial statements were unreliable and lacked an adequate audit trail. The report indicates that just 170 transactions accounted for $2.1 trillion in year-end unsupported adjustments. No information is given about these 170 transactions. "
"In addition many thousands of transactions with unsubstantiated adjustments were, according to the report, removed by the Army. There is no explanation concerning why they were removed nor their magnitude.
You paid for a Space Force. You might as well get to see it.

14 Aug,
" More specifically, the forecast remains that the country will impose capital controls enforcing a near total loss of US$500bn of credit assets held by the global financial system."
"Turkey will almost certainly be the largest EM default of all time, should it resort to capital controls as your analyst expects, but it could also be the largest bankruptcy of all time given the difficulty of its creditors in recovering any assets. "
"Strong form capital controls produce a de facto debt moratorium, and very rapidly investors realize just how little their credit assets are worth. A de jure debt moratorium at the outbreak of The Great War in 1914 bankrupted almost the entire European banking system -"
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