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Originally Posted by Marcus Neuhof View Post

For some reason Clickbank is not accepting my payment / not letting me check out. Perhaps it is because I am abroad, or perhaps it is "nem".

I see in the Cryptocurrency Marketplace here that you accept payments via Bitcoin for all eMediaPress products, and Bitcoin payments -- in addition to reducing portly central bankers to puddles of gibbering hate -- are more difficult to "interfere with".

How can we pay via Bitcoin?

(Incidentally, if you need a payment processor, a friend recommends )

EDIT: I found the page explaining how to buy eMediaPress products with Bitcoin/Litecoin/Teslacoin: A & P Electronic Media - Digital Publishing by Aaron Murakami & Peter Lindemann

If anyone else has been having issues with Clickbank, here is another way.

You can pay direct to paypal if needed - paypal email is: shop at emediapress dot com - can send total listed on the website and follow up with a note about what you are making payment for. You'll receive the download links by email then.

I have to verify the info for the crypto.
Aaron Murakami

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