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Guys, I promised myself to only share results or help with concrete input in this thread. However, I must break that promise this one time. There are things at work here that are not conventional electrical theory. There is an interplay between the field components of electricity that is not fully understood. When you make changes in the slightest from what Matt and Dave are sharing all results go out the window. That is, unless you know something about the interplay of fields that are not common knowledge. Follow the direction given to the letter and treat this as a proof of concept. They have spent much time and money to get this far. Take advantage of that. When you have a working SYSTEM, then you can work on the concepts that will allow scale. Changing the device, changes the iron mass, the magnetic concentration/compression, the dielectric, the capacitance, etc. All factors and much more. Replicate, then study the WTF. Just saying.