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I have not run the generator with a modified motor in a really long time. Here’s why. When I first replicated the little two coil unit run with the modified motor that Matt built, it worked. So I tried to build a 12 coil machine run by the same motor. The amp draw burnt the motors up. So I got another one, rewound it, and burnt it up within a couple days. It made NO SENSE to me to go through all that work of rewinding the motor and then have it burn up, so I resolved to use STOCK motors until I was sure I had the magnetic cogging issue solved. I even went to a rewound MY1020 and burnt it up. I still have it, minus some chunks of the commutator that blew off when it arced. So the numbers of 24 volts at 12 amps are running a STICK MY1020 on my big 12 coil machine with magnetic cogging eliminated. If you build the generator I detailed in the video the amp draw will be LESS. I guarantee it!!
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