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The sad story of the downfall of Turkey. Erdogan was / is the typical strongman politician with visions of grandeur from the past. He staged an attempted coup to have an excuse to get rid of everyone who disagreed with him.
August, 2016 "35,022 -- Number of people detained "
Jul 8, 2018 - "More than 130,000 people have been sacked"
So, what happens when a State attacks it's own people? They get nervous and lose confidence. What happens to the currency when the people lose confidence?
"A Revolution is brewing not just in Turkey, but also in Iran. More than 100,000 people have taken to the streets chanting death to the dictator. The currency has simply collapsed as it moves into hyperinflation. Once again, as we see this take place, CONFIDENCE in the government is collapsing. This is the key to revolution. Once the people lose CONFIDENCE, then the game changes."
"the more chaos that unfolds, the stronger the US dollar becomes. Capital will ALWAYS flee from wherever the war unfolds. In this case, do not consider that these governments will simply surrender power voluntarily. They will both turn toward Russia for help and portray their political crisis as a CIA plot. That is rather absurd but it will surface anyway. This is standard behavior whenever a currency moves into hyperinflation as the CONFIDENCE in the immediate government collapses. "
I've travelled twice from London to Turkey by road. It's a nice country but, the leaders have messed it up.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, every State that weakens it's economy and the confidence sends investment to dollars and gold. As the dollar gets stronger, this weakens more and more currencies.
"The Fed has been shrinking its balance sheet and believe it or not, there has been growing a SHORTAGE of dollars"
"They have focused on selling to the USA rather than developing their own domestic consumer economies. China has shifted and understood that important distinction and has indeed turned its focus to developing a domestic economy. Europe has not and it is significant to comprehend that the structure of the European Union is disastrous. "
Where does Armstrong get this BS? China and Europe can NOT develop their domestic economies with 20% unemployment and excruciatingly low wages.

"So far, our computer has been spot on. We are headed toward a monetary reset in the years ahead but to get there, we must experience a STRONG dollar – not a WEAK dollar." "Turkey is a live example of the most vital element of all – CONFIDENCE. When that is lost, this is what produces hyperinflation – NOT the quantity of money."

(Minsky) "His hypothesis of financial instability argued that a financial crisis is endemic in capitalism because periods of economic prosperity encouraged borrowers and lenders to be progressively reckless. This excess optimism creates financial bubbles and then later busts. Therefore, capitalism is prone to move between periods of financial stability to instability. "
"He agreed also with Galbraith who blamed corporations and never even looked out the wholesale collapse of government debt on a major worldwide scale in 1931. There was NO MENTION of the Sovereign Debt Crisis of 1931"
"He agreed also with Galbraith who blamed corporations and never even looked out the wholesale collapse of government debt on a major worldwide scale in 1931. There was NO MENTION of the Sovereign Debt Crisis of 1931"
This is AMAZINGLY STUPID. Without a gold standard (governor) on the printing presses, sovereign debt rises enormously.
"encouraged borrowers and lenders to be progressively reckless."
Periodic currency inflation is the birthright and trademark of bankers, NOT workers. Excessive currency inflation is an attribute of the State.
Budget Deficit Under Trumps Skyrockets To Worst In Six Years
US Spending On Interest Hits All Time High As Budget Deficit Soars To $684 Billion

Hyper-inflation of the sovereign bond market was always a prerequisite to gearing up for war. The Bretton Woods agreement was an attempt to short-circuit that maneuver. It depended on the honesty of politicians. The NEXT agreement will depend on the blockchain.
Armstrong is wilfully blind to the fact that currency inflation only helps HIS class. All the economic cycles that he writes about are tied to highs and lows in currency inflation. Just as the world recognised the need for the Bretton Woods agreement, it recognises that the blockchain must step in REFERENCED to gold.

8 measures that indicate the stock market is due for a crash. It is VERY difficult to know when investors go to equities JUST to protect their capital and, are not worried about earnings or return.
8-Measures Say A Crash Is Coming, Here's How To Time It | RIA

"Stockman's main warning is that there's no bid underneath this market -- that when perception shifts from greed to fear, the bottom is much farther down than most investors realize. In his words, it's "rigged for implosion"."
VERY interesting chart.
China and Russia are trying to make it too expensive for America to start a war.
"With China headed for a record year of corporate-bond defaults, "
"Read: China’s Markets About to Face $80 Billion Bond-Redemption Test"
"8/11 Chinese investors panic over dubious products, authorities quash protests – NYT"
They need to start thinking about confidence, not quashing protests.
8/11 Pakistan is the latest emerging market crisis – CNBC
Pakistan is going to be a MAJOR problem for the foreseeable future.
Water crisis: Why is Pakistan running dry? | Asia| An in-depth look at ...
Jun 7, 2018 - Pakistan could "run dry" by 2025
Reportedly, OZ is going to get hit by blowback from the currency crisis in Asian markets.
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