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China Melting,, stock bubble,,, no love for the EU

The Chinese are recent arrivals at a capitalist system. If a little credit is good, a LOT of credit is better. The cracks in the system are starting to show.
" The number of peer-to-peer lenders shutting down spiked from 28 in May to 218 in July,"
"became a magnet for the misrepresentation and criminality that can be expected in such loosely controlled off-market activities,"

Armstrong has a big report on China. "This is a report that will be a reference for the decade ahead. There appears to be a problem whereby some countries are blocking the purchase of books on any subject matter. Canada appears to be one of them. "

The Bretton Woods agreement was an attempt to block any state from blowing up it's bond market to pay for / generate a war. Nixon was forced to cancel this agreement and, the wars have gone on almost non-stop.
"Jacob Rothschild has voiced concern about the global financial system that was established after WWII."
This system died on August 14 1971 from the effects of the welfare-warfare state.
"According to Rothschild, the lack of a co-ordinated, international response to global challenges was unlikely in an era of populist and protectionist leaders"
No kidding, the CBs controlled by his buddies inflated the system to the breaking point so that a certain group of war-mongers could make enormous profits AND destabilize the whole world.
"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none."
Gutle Schnaper
Mayer Amschel Rothschild's wife

The CBs printed up about an extra $250 trillion to rescue the valuation of assets. Besides that, there is a lot of capital flight to American markets. Just the same, stock valuations are looking a bit crazy.
"He also shared a chart which he claims is “unfit for a family-friendly publication” that shows how in terms of median price to sales ratio, the S&P 500 is twice as expensive as it was in 2000."
"In a follow-up post, he then reiterates how 2018 is starting to increasingly look like 2000."

"The European Union has spent nearly one trillion dollars to unify the continent by delivering highways and trains into places where there were once gravel paths. In current dollars, that is over eight times the size of the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe after World War II. The EU has built airports and bridges, trams and swimming pools. It has repaired castles and medieval churches."

8/09 Federal deficit jumps 20 percent after tax cuts, spending bill – The Hill
8/09 ‘Dark cloud’ of trade war hovers over Chinese yuan’s globalization – CNBC

The impossible trinity bites China in the a$$.
8/09 New Hampshire Dems dump Clinton from fundraising dinner – Zero Hedge
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