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Thank you, Iamnuts. I know about bistable (latching) relays, but I didn't have the chance to play with one. I suppose this will be the next stage of my battery swapper, after I finish all the bugs from Arduino code.
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Axxel: if in the uk or in the states. many to choose from voltages and amp ratings.
Thank you, Thaelin. I found there an interesting relay, THIS one. Maybe I will order a few on my next paytime, just to play with them .
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I haven’t done any Arduino programming, however I am proficient in 15+ programming languages. So I would do something like this. Instead of switching on a less than or greater than voltage reading, I would switch on a differential. For example .5 volt. You can make it anything you want. diff = voltage1-voltage2. Two if statements in the loop, should do it [...] Have Fun!Randy
Thank you, Randy. Excellent idea! I will test it today!
About Arduino, I think it is a version of C++, if you want, you can take a look on the code on post 4113, HERE
Now I include also in my setup an 128x64 OLED display (like THIS one), to show both voltages (done!), to indicate the status of switching (to be done...), and elapsed time (also, to be done - actually, here it is a little harder than I thought).
Another video soon, after testing new parameters.
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