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I would think you could use a "WHILE" loop. I don't think it would end up being complicated.

I would put the reading of the battery into a function "ReadBat1", "ReadBat2"

Then Where both IF/Else statement I would drop into a "WHILE" loop with no parameter "WHILE (0);. Do a voltage read test. If it fails it would drop out reset the switch's to the other direction and go into the next While loop testing until it fails.

So the test can be inside the while loop, if Bat is discharging to Bat2

If ReadBat1 == 12v and ReadBat2 is greater than ReadBat1 Exit loop

So making sure Bat2 is greater than bat1 Would guarantee a good switch and vice versa for the other direction.
Then you could also have fail safe for the voltage levels, you mention that in your code. You could also have a minimum time to run like 1 minute no matter what.

I think the problem now is as they get low there readings switch each other so quick it just turns into a loop. There is no minimum time or not enough.

I hope I am thinking right, its easier when its set up in front of you.

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