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Unfortunately the ferrilens debate has fizzled out yet again.
As far as I can see nobody has offered a scrap of proof.
The Earth itself is a great big magnet so it follows that it MUST HAVE
a dielectric intertial plane and vortexes.
It seems to me that the whole of space is the field and magnetism is a
perturbation of that field.
As Iíve shown, even a tiny magnet causes a perturbation of the field at
greater distances if uninterrupted, ferrilens people are only looking at a
tiny fraction the same.
When you look into it there has been a huge amount of research thrown
at magnetite, particularly in the area of medical applications.
Contrary to what most on here think physicists, particularly the younger
ones, would love to find fault with what we think we know and then go
on to prove it.
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