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Iran signs up a heavy-hitter

Trump runs onto the scene thundering and rattling sabers,,, as in Syria. But when push-came to shove, he backed off and let the Syrians and Russians rout out the israel-Saudi-American backed mercenaries. Rather that trying to kill all of them, Russia arranged for transportation off the battlefield. We will see what eventually happens in the Golan Heights. It is impossible for israel to fight a land war. This was proved very clearly several years ago in Lebanon. Dick Cheney and Genie Oil want the oil under the Golan but, will israel risk a total war against Hezbollah and the Iranian Armies?

The U.S. congress and Pentagon are wholly owned by the Khazarian mafia /israeli knesset. Pox Americana is madly rattling sabers in the direction of Iran. Just as Russia made war in Syria a losing proposition, China is now making war against Iran ANYTHING but a slam dunk.
CENTCOM is doing military maneuvers in the same area but, keep in mind that any attack in Iran will bring incineration to israel and, an oil cutoff to much of the world. With Russia defending Syria and China now standing by Iran, the war rhetoric won't go belong rattling sabers and sanctions.
Obummer endless talked peace but, instituted WAR.
Trump endless talks war but, brings peace.

The FBI and KGB are well know for collecting dirt on EVERYBODY. Jim Willie reports that Putin gave Trump 200 Terabytes on info. Keep in mind that Russia is plagued by organized crime.
The Abergil crime family is a Moroccan-Jewish crime organization based in Israel, and located ... Considered one of the six major organized-crime cells in Israel, and one of the world's top 40 biggest drug importers to the United States
Trump-Puitn-Xi are fighting organized crime. The Khazarian mafia desires endless wars to keep the profits rolling in
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