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Soundiceuk's Permanent Magnet Bearing R&D

Hi folks, my research on replicating Mikhail Dmitriyev's device may have ended.

I think I am the path to something much more fruitful as has no swinging pendulums or one way bearings.

Folks this is open source.

I've think I've found fairly free energy out there and its energy bank is bigger than you can imagine!

Fairly free because the components are not free, the electrostatic isn't going anywhere thanks to the sun.

If you watch the video I made tonight then you will see I hardly spin this 2 oz weight at all.

The final version will be able to hold a lot of weight approx 100kg - 200kg stable and therefore be able to be spun at very high RPM.


You are going to love this bit!

Watch this video....

Now here is the twist.....

It has been proven you can get potential between two ground rods of dissimilar metals..... Now put this through a tuned Tesla coil and you have eletrostatic motor.

Now couple this with Matt's generator or similar and you have almost free energy!

Earnshaws theorum is pretty dated 1842

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