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I don't know exactly what would limit it, it just goes so fast thats it. The motor will go faster if you feed it a higher voltage, but the brushes will burn up unless you use 36 or 48 volt brush set from MY1020 brush set. I have 1016 that takes 36 volt.
The generators typically only go as fast as the motor until you start pulling current. Then the whole system speed up. This happens until the current is peaked and the voltage start to drop. Few times I have had them running I can't say I tried to go past that.
Now initially you have to short the coils to find how much they accelerate. So under dead short it speeds up to the maximum.
You can look up Thane Heinz work and see he runs coils that 100' of ohms of resistance on the windings and near doubles the speed of the mover.

I don't use his model per say I look at Bill Muller. His dynamo accelerated under load and there is really good movie although a copy of an old movie. He puts the coil to rotor and 300 watts show up but the machine does not slow down. His core material was not iron and because of that he had the opportunity to use lower ohms in his windings which allows for significant current to be produced, with moderate voltage.

The coils going on this generator will mostly produce voltage, but they will give a starting point. Doesn't take much current to stack up.

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