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My generator is based on the ORIGINAL two coil generator Matt built. What he is building right now very closely resembles the original. He still has a video of THAT machine running with the volts and amps in and out shown on the video. It is what got me all excited and started me working on the big generator. That was the original "proof" that this would work. It sped up under load as well.

Yes, what Matt is building is MUCH simpler than my generator. What you will discover is that you can build a two coil generator that will run EXTREMELY WELL with the MY1016 rewound like Matt showed and PROVE a COP>1. But if you want a BIGGER machine with MORE COILS that really generates POWER, the amp draw of the motor turning rotor magnets past all those iron cores will start to be too much for the little motor without SOME kind of special modification of either the circuit to run the thing or the physical machine. You MUST eliminate that magnetic cogging somehow, ESPECIALLY on start up, and there is more than ONE way to skin that cat. I know of three.

Matt designed a circuit for me to run my machine as a MOTOR until I got it up to speed. It had a big flywheel on it. Once it was up to speed, the magnetic cogging still existed, but it wasn't so bad, and the flywheel effect helped with a lot of it. Then I flipped a couple switches and suddenly it was a generator. The razor scooter motor was electrically disconnected during the phase when the generator was a motor. That's the SECOND way of dealing with the magnetic cogging. My generator video shows the first. There is also a third method that is electronic, but more complicated.

What Matt is building will demonstrate that everything we have said is true. And it will show a COP>1. If you want that "1" to be much higher, you are on your own. I've shown a generator that will get you there. I've just talked about a SECOND way to get a generator that will work to get you there, although I didn't show the circuit. Basically you run the generator like a Bedini energizer until you are up to speed, and THAT circuit is all over the place. You have all the info you need to make working systems that put out 2,000 watts. What hasn't been given is "proof" to satisfy the whiners. And Matt is about to provide that.

Like I said, what will be the excuse then?
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