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Originally Posted by Matthew Jones View Post

Thats the instructions in case you didn't have them. You just need wire. I wanna say 600ft of 24 awg will do the motor. 3 strands per winding. Can't remember exactly how much it takes. Some of the motors will take a skate board bearing.

If you have set of calipers you can measure the inside spots for bearings see if the ceramic will fit, Or you can just buy a set of regular bearings. The stock bearing aren't great.

You might want to be able to tune past the screws so some thing to clamps the motor together from end to end. I didn't do this except to test and then I built a new brush plate that mounted on the back with the adjustment prebuilt into it, but I gotta CNC to make those things, not so easy without it.

I can't think of anything else.

Will this wire work?