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The Nature of Vacuum
Published by Mayukh on July 24, 2018
. . . it turns out that “nothing’ is one of the most interesting something !!
. . . it turns out that empty space is far from nothing.
. . . what would a perfect empty space look like?
. . .virtual particles play a crucial role in our analysis
of the nature of the vacuum.
. . quantum conservation laws must be obeyed
so most virtual particles are created in particle-antiparticle pairs

But how do we verify the existence of these elusive particles?
The 1st hint of the existence of virtual particles came in
the year of 1947 when Wills Lamb . . . .
In 1948 the Dutch physicist Hendric Casimir came up with
a brilliant scheme to detect these virtual particles and vacuum energy.
The observation is that accelerating expansion of the universe.
It is hypothesized that dark energy itself maybe vacuum energy.

A simulation of empty space was made by crunching up
calculation from the Quantum Chromo Dynamics,
the theory of fundamental particle called quarks,
which are the building blocks of protons, neutrons
and how they interact with each other.

QFT with its dependence on virtual particles and
vacuum fluctuations is one of the most successful theories
and yet its prediction on the strength of vacuum energy
seems to be so wildly off.

/ Published by Mayukh on July 24, 2018 /
The Nature of Vacuum - Understanding nothingness of space
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