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45 people watching. Watch now, you know good info is coming, Its always near when the man sends his minions in to disturb the thing. You see bisexual is hard at trying to implant the doubt. He's about to loose his bonus, but the fact is compared to the disturbance of Bromikey this bisexual clown is a flat out rookie.

Bisexual go over to BroMikeys desk and get some pointers you need the help of a senior disturber.
In the end all you are going to be out of a job....

Tomorrow I'll show you the GEN frame, then I gotta wind and tune the coils. That is as long as the power don't go out. Lightning everywhere tonight.

Stay Tuned!!!!

ADD BROMIKEY TO YOUR IGNORE LIST He is a saboteur bent on the systematic distraction of every good topic on this forum and since he has been here most working threads have shut down. He is the enemy. If you have blocked him already add this to your signature and encourage others to block him as well. His onslaught of rambling in large text and his constant attempts to misinform at the excuse of being stupid should no longer be tolerated.

USER CP/Ignore list.