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Originally Posted by altrez View Post
Tests over for the night, going to let the batterys rest over night then I will test them again to see what we have.

My observations at this point seem to show that there is not much of a difference between running the motor controlled with a pwm or using the one battery circuit. Perhaps I should have just directly connected the motor to the battery?

I used a PWM years ago and posted results in the closed thread and back then it always showed good results.

Perhaps it is all about balance

More results tomorrow!!


There may be cases in which a PWM is beneficial, but in this case because you are trying to recover energy you are waisting by adding time to the over all wave form. And this is the worst most consumptive way to waist energy.

For instance you put 24 volt 1 amp into the PWM it breaks that up to a 50% duty cycle and passes it to the motor. The motor reaction to the impulses is to average out those pulses into a voltage. 24 volt 1 amp at 50% duty cycle is equal to 12 volt 1 amp. You have to average the on time with the off time.
Thats an automatic 50% loss of power just because of the averaging.

For recovery you are better off just lowering the voltage on the output which in turn lowers the input, as opposed to raising the voltage and segmenting it. Time is a power killer.

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