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Simple facts

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Some day you will understand our frustration. We have done HUNDREDS of hours of testing this motor side by side with a standard motor. Loaded, unloaded, low voltage and higher voltages. We have used scopes and meters and expensive battery analyzers. Yet you, with your vast experience with a motor you have NOT BUILT, are able to look at a video and discredit everything we are saying. You don't even understand what you are seeing. It is laughable.

Being frustrated doesn't make you right. In fact it can cloud your vision of logic and truth. All I said was that it is obvious from luc's video that the power into the motor is more than power out of the motor in that experiment. There was no battery.

It is wrong to claim that motor outputs more power than its input.

I said nothing in regards to any effects voltage spikes originating in the motor might have on batteries.

You and wantomake both claimed that video proved the motor power output exceeded its input power. That is wrong. The video clearly shows the opposite.