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Thanks for your story and advice.

Iím amazed you endured 30 minutes of being shocked - especially by that type of capacitor. I suspect the only reason it didnít kill you is that it was somehow restricted to just passing into and out of your finger. To go on like that the battery must have been good so that the cap was able to continuously recharge and discharge until it died.

After reading your comment about discharging the caps with a resistor I found instructions for a simple capacitor discharge tool and will definitely make one.

I appreciate your point about the voltage climbing high and fast if the 555 isnít wired right or dumps the cap too slowly. I imagine a hit of such voltage could cause the battery to explode. I'll certainly try to figure out how to independently test the 555 circuit before running it with the caps.

Right now Iím still trying to figure out how the different parts in the schematic work and how current will move through the circuits.

Do you have the intermediate handbook? Iím planning on building the capacitor discharge thatís shown in the schematic on page 47 and want to ask somebody about how some of the parts in that circuit work.
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