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This photoflash caps are specially build to withstand enormous Voltage Spikes.
this are not the normal filter cap you can find everywhere ( in your computer supply)

There are exactly build for High Power discharges.
This kind of caps can instantly kill you easy. So be warned. If you are not educated please ask an teacher / professional in your area for help.

When I start experimenting, I buyed this oneway cheap cameras (with flashlite) in supermarket only for the cap inside.
One time, when I open up the plastic case, I get a nasty shock because I used an key to open up the case and touched the inside the capwires.
It burns me a hole trough my finger. I was shocked for 30 minutes.
and this camera was disposed weeks ago but there was enough energy captured inside...

E=\frac {1}{2}CU^{2}

That means that Energy = 0.5 * capacity (Farad) *( Volt * Volt)

you can also ask your local photo lab to collect all those holiday cams for you and after one month you can have a bag full of cameras :-)
In the summertime you can find a lot there ...

Example: (here should be an ebay Link, but the forumsoftware filters it away )

eBay item number:
130 Joule per piece :-)

even more Joule ;-)

Only for educational purpose. Im not affiliated or have experience with this particular seller.
You can see the word "Photo" on the cap - thats the one you will need.

some hints:

Dont forget to use heavy wires from cap to your Bridge recifier and mosfet/thyristor/Battery. Not this crappy croco clamps

Watch your voltage on this Capacitor while experimenting.

If your 555 is not dumping fast enough or are not wired correctly, you will have more than 150 Volts DC in a few seconds at the CAP. So you need to adjust the timing of your 555 timer. Every 1 - 2 seconds , pin 3 have to fire.

To discharge this cap use always a resistor (50 Ohms / 25 Watts) - dont short it with a wire - this will kill the cap

Put your other hand (left) always in your pocket, when playing arround with a charged system.

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