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isolation transformer

Originally Posted by Mr_Pither View Post
That looks great but I would like to know, does Eric at anytime give a straight up solution to these problems for the homeowner, or does the homeownerr have to, or would the homeowner even be able to deduce how to fix things based on Eric explaining what is wrong?

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I don't recall what he covered on solutions for a home in the presentation, but it will come down to isolation transformers for starters. I've talked to him about that for my own home and you need to get rid of the metallic connection between your home and the power lines.

He does however go through a lot of EMP proofing techniques that comes from the US military manual on dealing with these problems. Grounding, shielding, etc. of course if you built a home from scratch, you could EMP proof it much simpler than retrofitting an existing building.
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