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England,Armstrong, gold, changing world order

It is becoming more obvious every day that economics and politics are linked together with one alternately jerking the other one along. There is no better example of this in Europe at the moment than the débâcle in England. You Scots, Irish and Welsh have your own issues.
England; "I have to say that Boris Johnson’s comment that Britain is headed for the status of a “colony” is absolutely correct. There are “remainers” who have simply ignored ALL the economic data and will seriously end Britain as any sort of viable economy."
About that North Sea oil that ran out,,,

"It may simply be too much to expect rational political leadership any more from Britain. Instead of the cabinet stabbing the PM in the back as they did with Thatcher to also try to join the euro, this time it is the PM who is stabbing her cabinet and the people in the back trying to stay in the EU "
"There are people now calling for Nigel Farage to return. Quite frankly, Nigel is probably the ONLY hope for Britain. Unless they cut the umbilical cord to the EU, Britain cannot possibly survive. Its economy has been sucked dry. "
"The economic growth of Britain peaked before it joined the EU and has declined steadily ever since. Britain loses EVERY trade argument in the EU Court. "
"after the coup against Margaret Thatcher to take the pound into the euro. This is not the END of the Conservatives, but the PM has to realize that any concern about leaving the EU is absolutely stupid. Europe is tearing itself apart. Nigel Farage should step back in, but he has paid a high price personally for trying to save his own country.

Personally, London to me is the most beautiful city in the world to live in. I lived there for about 5 years. "
You can bet that he didn't live in Earl's Court.

"Therefore, the business cycle I discovered was INTERNATIONAL, and by that very nature, it means that when one nation peaks, another bottoms."
"We are in the eye of the storm coming out the other end. When we do, the turmoil will begin. While I would hope that at some point the political powers at large will listen, the likelihood of that is nil until the crisis happens."
"The longer the government wages war against its own people to retain power, the greater the fall into economic oblivion."

Charles Hugh Smith; "Here are the core characteristics of dysfunctional but stable states that benefit the entrenched few at the expense of the many, i.e. 3rd World nations:"
" 6. Cartels and quasi-monopolies are parasitically extracting the wealth of the nation for their elite owners and managers. Google: quasi-monopoly. Facebook: quasi-monopoly. Healthcare: cartel. Banking: cartel. National defense: cartel. National Security: cartel. Corporate mainstream media: cartel. Higher education: cartel. Student loans: cartel. I think you get the point: every key institution or function is controlled by cartels or quasi-monopolies that serve the interests of the few via parasitic exploitation of the powerless.
7. The elites use the extreme violence and repressive powers of the government to suppress, marginalize and/or destroy any dissent. "
"The USA is definitively a 3rd World nation. Read the list above and then try to argue the USA is not a 3rd World nation. Try arguing against the facts displayed in this chart:"
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: The USA Is Now a 3rd World Nation

Here is a good article on the mega-parasite, the blob State.
Janus v AFSCME and the truth about Illinois pensions in one graphic – Wirepoints Original | Wirepoints

Traditionally, money (the unit of account) was something that was rare and / or difficult to produce. It could be cowrie shells, Rare feathers, salt.
The unit of account had a relative value to everything else.
Armstrong, "When St. Patrick visited Ireland during the 5th century AD, he wrote that the monetary unit of account was slave girls. That did not mean you went shopping dragging slave girls with you to pay for things. Everything else was valued in terms of slave girls, so they were the “unit of account”
This is where Armstrong's logic fails. He stridently talks down gold.
"These gold promoters hurt so many people for they imply that everything will crash and only gold will rise to such levels. If everything crashed, that would be deflation and gold would decline not rise. Gold would ONLY rise when it is the monetary base or the money everyone uses. That it is not. You cannot pay your mortgage in gold nor can you pay your taxes. That means it is NOT legal tender"

You can't pay your taxes in slave girls either. Armstrong is deliberately mixing currency with store-of-value.
"Those who keep preaching that only gold is money are in the same category. Money at the end of the day is labor be in physical or mental. You accept whatever in exchange for that because someone else will accept it from you. "
Once again, Armstrong ignores the fact that "money" is a store-of-value AND a medium of exchange.
You don't get paid in slave girls for building a wall. You get whatever is the most convenient medium of exchange.

"Besides, for gold to reach such levels, nothing would be left including a place to even spend it. If there is nothing you can spend it on, it becomes worthless for it is only a medium of exchange. The dark pictures they paint are not something gold would survive. At that point, the control-alt-delete buttons are pushed and everything would rest back to the hunter-gather period meaning food is everything."

" it is only a medium of exchange" Gold has been the premier store-of-value for thousands of years. It doesn't wear out like slave girls.
Bankers HATE gold because it limits currency expansion. Since most banking is parasitic, they need unlimited monetary inflation.
"This is Alice in Wonderland, plain and simple to say gold will rise to $50,000 or higher. The maximum our models project is $5,000. That is probably the point at which total chaos is unleashed anyhow and you end up with a completely new monetary system."
He refuses to recognise the store-of-value function.

"Keep in mind, however, gold will not go so easily into the light. There is a high probability that they will declare gold illegal for transactions and prosecute under money laundering, which has been redefined as simply hiding money from government. The end game is really the collapse of the monetary system and hopefully that coincides with a collapse in government power. That is where gold will make the transition from the old to the new."
NOT in the R.O.W.
U.S. Gov may very well try to take the gold because that will be the only thing that the East desires for payment.

One last thing of great importance. A gold standard is DEATH to war. All States go off the gold standard when they are planning a big war. After the war, EVERYBODY is squeezed for taxes and impoverished.
Trump doesn't show his cards any more than he has to.
Mike King;
"Having watched Trump talk trash about Syrian President Assad before launching a harmless missile attack on Syria, soon followed by a complete cutoff of the CIA's program to arm the Syrian terror-rebels -- and having watched Trump threaten war on North Korea, soon followed by a stunning announcement of a one-on-one meeting with Lil' Kim -- and having watched him talk trash about Putin, soon followed by a stunning announcement of a one-on-one meeting with Putin (this week!) -- Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times are reading this "trade war" ™ as the latest installment of Trump's chess-match against the Globalists -- an epic contest in which men like Putin, Xi, Assad, Lil' Kim, Erdogan and others are all in league with Trump.

Far from a mutually damaging "trade war" ™, we believe that Trump and Xi -- unlike Obongo and Xi -- clearly have a mutually respectful relationship and have already worked out new trade terms that will be fairer for the United States. As is the ongoing case with the Trump-Kim "negotiations," the rest is for public consumption and entertainment. The Piranha Press will once again huff and puff their fury towards "isolationist" Trump until he finally pulls the rug out from his demented detractors by "winning," with Xi's assistance, "the trade war" ™.
"So, that's our call on this coming "trade war" ™. On a separate note, we would like to point out the inconsistency and double-standard hypocrisy of Sulzberger's Slimes scaring its simple-minded readers with talk of Trump's "trade war" ™, when they never once called attention to the very real dangers of the "cold war" that Obongo and State Secretary Killary Clinton had started with China.

There was the "Asian Pivot" scheme which encircled China with missiles, bases and relocated naval assets. There was the unusual arming-up of local vassal states like Vietnam and the Philippines. There was the pressure placed upon vassal Japan to abandon the "pacifist clause" of its constitution so that it could re-arm itself as a counter to China. There were the constant warnings, threats and provocative naval cruises directed toward China over its "seized" islands and newly constructed artificial islands. Thankfully, all that tension is gone now.

The final few years of the Obongo presidency marked a dangerous decline in US-China relations. So dangerous, in fact, that George Soros (cough cough) - one of the highest raking "capos" of today's New World Order crime syndicate, made comments during a conference at the World Bank (2015) that were actually not-so-veiled threats of World War III.

Soros' actual comments below, followed by our "translations."


Soros: If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war. "

Killary and the neocons and other various war mongers planned to light up Russia as fast as possible.
So what is Trump doing?
He wants to pull out all the troops that are superfluous and, he wants to concentrate on mutually beneficial trade.
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