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All quiet besides tariffs

The U.S. is relatively stable when compared to China, India, Brazil and Europe. It appears that Trump wants to shake up foreign markets with his tariffs. Here is the list.
The Office of the US Trade Representative on Tuesday announced a list of Chinese products that will face a new 25% tariff.
The list includes machinery, agricultural equipment, and tech goods.
The Chinese are laying tariffs on pork, fruit and nuts.
Apparently, the list is set to expand.

7/06 China accuses the US of launching the ‘largest trade war in economic history’ –
7/06 Trump’s trade war with China shifts into high gear – The Hill

Trade War Begins - China Retaliates With 25%
Tariffs On $34 Billion Worth Of US Imports

Trump Regime's Trade War With China Heats Up
Chinese Ports Begin Delaying Clearing US Goods

Russia Slaps Retaliatory Duties On US Imports
Trump Threatens China With $500 Billion In US Tariffs.

so far the tariffs haven't destabilized markets but, the night is yet young.
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