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Systemic failure, Countdown, hot in the Golan

"The unwelcome reality is the systemic issues cannot be reversed with policy tweaks or shuffling those at the top of a crumbling centralized order. The systemic problems arise from the structures of centralization and monopoly capital, the institutionalization of perverse incentives"
"The Ratchet Effect is another key reason why meaningful reform of the status quo is impossible. In flush times, budgets expand as easily as waistlines, ratcheting up to consume ever-higher revenues. But once revenues start declining, the administrative/consumerist status quo is fiercely resistant to any reduction."
Don't cut off my welfare , or else

"In other words, the social crises, the constitutional crises, the financial crises--all of these are to some degree mere manifestations of the failure of centralized systems that arose to benefit from conditions that no longer exist."
"Rather than admit the failure of our socio-economic system, those benefiting from the system's gross imbalances are pursuing a multi-pronged strategy of control:"
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: The Gathering Storm

One would expect a war to break out to be the scapegoat for economic and social collapse..
The M.I.C. is deathly afraid that peace will break out and end their gravy train. What about China?

Bernanke, Dalio and Armstrong all claim that U.S. GOV will collapse going in to 2020. Pick January for argument’s sake. We still have August, September, October, November and December. For 2019, we have 12 months. So, we have 17 months until the U.S. GOV collapses.
Making a guess, I would say that the banks will collapse 2 months before the GOV collapses. That means that we have 15 months +/- until the bank closures. The EU banks should collapse 2-3 months before that.

FED GOV isn't just sitting by idly.
"Another record shows that ICE has recently procured 8,000 M4 assault rifles, adding to the 5,000 ICE already has in the field. "
"shows that the officers of the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations will this year be trained in the use of assault weapons, chemical agents, stun grenades, and flash bangs at the Howell Shooting Range in Chicago" Chicago,,, huh?
Trump is trying to cut back on the debt to make it more manageable.
President Trump Cuts More US Debt for a Longer Period of Time Than Any President | MAGA PILL

The West is provoking Iran hoping to get regime change. They want to reduce it's oil earnings to zero. That can't be realistically done. Iran is holding the Straights of Hormuz as hostage.
The pentagram says that they can keep the straights open. No possibility.

Trump has refused to bomb the Syrian army that is taking back Syria from the mercenaries hired by Saudi, israel and the neocons. Teresa May, held in bondage by the London bankers has dropped a few bombs in a show of support.
Meanwhile, israel is demanding that Syria honor a 1974 separation of force agreement that both of them signed. Syria has no particular reason to abide by a de-escalation agreement that was nothing more that a convenience.
"The agreement was signed a year after an Arab-Israeli war in which Syrian forces failed to retake a large part of the Golan Heights area seized by Israel in 1967.

The strategic highland has since been annexed by Israel, bringing some Israeli troops as well as settlements to within a few dozen miles (kilometers) of Damascus. " "The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported some 600 airstrikes in Daraa province."

So, will the Syrians take the Golan or, not?
Netanyahooo is running to Moscow again to plead / demand that Putin let israel have the Golan. . Everybody on the planet is tired of the endless wars. The U.N. is VERY clear.

"To underline that this capacity still exists and should not be tested, Hizbollah has retaliated against direct Israeli attacks on its assets in Syria with operations in the Israeli-occupied Sheba farms area, which it considers Lebanese territory,"
A LOT of arms were funnelled to the mercenaries through Jordan. Recently, Netanayahooo went to Jordan to demand more help. More recently, the king and queen of Jordan came to visit Trump. He said that the king and he were old friends.
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