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What to do about the strong dollar

May is trying to do the bidding of the London bankers,
7/05 Britain’s May to pitch ‘softest possible Brexit’ plan to team: ITV – Reuters
Oil isn't going to be abandoned Everybody wants to raise their energy consumption. This can only be done with solar and wind.
7/04 China showcases mega solar farm size of 5 Manhattans – People’s Daily
7/05 Bitcoin bear: Digitized gold ‘only type of crypto that can succeed’ – Cointelegraph
7/05 Outright US-China currency war the real risk, McKinnon says – Bloomberg

No such thing is possible. The markets and confidence are driving the rise in the dollar. Historically, when a State wanted to devalue it's currency, it re-pegged it to the U.S. dollar. The rising dollar is a fast-moving calamity. The only way to re-peg the dollar is to re-peg it to GOLD. Years ago, the peg was changed from $ 20 per pounce to about $35. This will happen again because market distortion caused by capital flight to the dollar is just too destructive.

Goodbye M3 - What is the Government hiding? - › Home › Blog › Government
Mar 16, 2006 - FED will no longer track M3 hiding massive inflation of the money supply. ... The most restrictive, M1, only measures the most liquid forms of money; it is limited ... So the question immediately arises why would the FED stop tracking this?

Why Did FRED Suddenly Discontinue Reporting On The Fed's Balance Sheet Normalization?
by Tyler Durden
Wed, 07/04/2018 -
The FED is real keen to hide monetary inflation that might reverse capital flight to the dollar.

"Europe was shocked by the Danske Bank reports and sees its shares drop around 3% on the day. "
Wait, I thought that Deutsche bank was at the head of the meltdown.
"Lots of talk also surrounding the ECB’s twist operation it rumoured last week. Talk that the maturing proceeds will be reinvested at the long end of European markets is causing yet more curve flattening as liquidity dries even more. Draghi also mentioned last week that rates could remains low beyond summer of 2019 "
Ah yes, that pesky yield curve problem.

Armstrong, "This is war is building, but it is not really between Trump and Putin personally. The bureaucracy in the USA seems to want war. Perhaps as a diversion for economic problems with social programs"
UK reportedly tells Trump he cannot meet with Brexit architect Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage unveils George Soros corruption with EU 200 MEPs on the take

Arrest george soros! nigel farage orders the eu parliament
Trump To Tell NATO US Won’t Be Their ‘Piggy Bank'
Wait, NATO bases are the prime distribution point for drugs in Europe.
Iran Will Import Good Only From Countries Buying Its Oil
The face of the future.
Switzerland Chooses Gold Over Dollar-Backed Paper
Gazprom Boosts Natural Gas Production To Solidify Top Position In Europe
World Bank Backs Egypt To Become Regional Oil, Gas Trading Hub
YES, but Iran has the gas and oil, NOT Egypt.

As Syria is purged of mercenaries, the pipeline wars are winding down. Pox Americana is provoking Iran still trying to diminish their oil sales. At the same time, they don't want to provoke them TOO much.
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